Friday, April 18, 2014

MOBT 021 Punishment Power

Punishment Power is the the power a female supremacist has over a man by creating a hidden excitement in him combining pain administration with orgasm denial and penis control,.  Many men have the desire to have a woman hurt them from punishment received from their mothers, or desire they have to be punished by a strong female.  The wife and femdom must play this role.

I have always been excited by the thought of whipping a man.  When we started our relationship, it was about denying my husband sex, masturbation and ejaculation.  Then I found out he wanted to be hurt...and had gone to femdoms for years to do just that.  He needed punishment and pain to deal with the failure of his first marriage for infidelity and to prove to me he would never betray our relationship. He wanted to demonstrate atonement, suffering and endurance for me.  That reached me.

I believe in the whip - the single tail and the bullwhip - which cause great pain and great fear in a man, but are necessary to properly train him.  The MOBT male understands this also and wants the whip and the pain it brings.  Snapping the single-tale whip onto a man's buttocks, or wrapping a bullwhip around him, accomplishes the objective.

Punishment is most effective when combined with lovemaking, and administered directly following intense kissing, fondling of the male genitals, or if permitted penetrative sex when your man is inside you and you are riding him.  When he is naked, most vulnerable and believes he is in control, it is necessary for you the femdom to say "you must now be punished...I need to hurt you now."

Remove all stimulus, bind your man's hands above his head,  kiss him and tell him to remain quiet as he begs you not to hurt him and asks "why are you doing this to me".  Pick up your whip and tell your man it is for his own good and your pleasure.  Begin whipping him - hard - and don't let up until the required number of lashes (i.e. 25) are delivered, despite his tears and cries for mercy.  When finished, put your arms around him, kiss him and tell him how much you love him.

Your man, when properly trained, will both fear and want your punishments. For him, it will accentuate his erections along with denial.  For you, it will create a release and emotional pleasure, similar to an orgasm.  You may need the use of a vibrator afterwards to complete your experience - either in private or in front of your hustband/malesub.

Monday, April 14, 2014

MOBT 020 The Mohawk

The Mohawk Procedure is a simple and effective method for controlling your malesub's overactive libido and desire to cum.  Sometimes when the penis is strong from orgasm denial, so too is the urge to ejaculate and this gets intolerable from a MOBT control perspective.  I write about this as my man of late has been suffering from repetitive strong desires that made him come to me for assistance. 

To implement the Mohawk, secure your man in restraints on a bed face up spread-eagle with his scrotum exposed and penis straight up,.  Or bind him standing with arms secured above his head and legs spread (use a spreader bar or otherwise).  You will then need a bag of wooden traditional clothes pins for this old-school anti-libido procedure.

Beginning between the legs, administer clothes pins in a straight line up the rear of the scrotum, between the testicles, through the base of the penis and up the penis shaft to its head.  You should be able to fit about 25 clothes pins.  They will begin to hurt shortly.  Make your man wear them proudly until the pain becomes unbearable and he promises to control himself. He will beg you to take them off, which you do slowly from last applied to first applied - one by one. 

The procedures applied 3x a day for 7 days under a non-negotiable program should get your husband or mate back under libido control, and further establishes your punishment power over him.

The procedure may be combined with using some anti-libido or anti-erection herbs.  If you are not pleased with your man's obedience, the clothes pins may be whipped off using a crop to remove them to induce pain.  This is a procedure a sadist once taught me for use on men who cheat on their wives (or even think about it).  It works.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MOBT 019 The Tears Of A Man

When you enter into a MOBT relationship with your husband or mate, it should be discussed in advance that you intend to "break" him and will eventually bring him to tears.  This is an essential part of MOBT and non-negotiable.  Until you bring your man to uncontrollable sobbing, you are not in control of him and you have not established your power over him.  Once you do, he is your love slave - always remembering what you did to him and realizing that you can do it again.

Getting a man to cry for you depends on how in tune he is with his feelings.  Some men are very, very emotional.  Others are totally insensitive and unable to express emotion without strong encouragement from you.  Those inducements can be pain and suffering, humiliation, cuckolding and long-term denial of orgasm for your man.  Sometimes, it requires the use of feminine hormones to make the man more compliant and emotional.

In the early days of our relationship, I broke my husband after a month of orgasm denial.  He was placed in an intense training program that punished him daily and broke him down by removing his manhood.  Several times daily, he was placed on all fours on a table and whipped while other women watched.  His penis was kept in a glass of warm water to keep him soft and shriveled while I and women friends criticized him for his small penis and impotency.  He was humiliated but unable to do anything because of my orders. He watched helplessly while I was fucked by a male lover, who excited me - then entered and sodomized him to completion.  He knew I was displeased that he was unable to cry because of me, and that I would be very severe and cold until that was broken.  He finally did and it was a very emotional experience for both of us which solidified our relationship. He knows why I had to do it to him and he values that.

Of course, the female supremacist must always be careful doing this - to know her man and the proper application of techniques to break him - without going too far. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MOBT 018 Figging

Figging is an age-old practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into your male's anus.  It was used as a means of punishment and humiliation in the Victorian age, as well as slaves in Ancient Greece and later in the Roman Empire. It remains a good punishment for a man - one I have used effectively to correct a husband.

The male subjected to this method must be restrained in an immobile position, so he is unable to take out the root by himself in natural reflex, when the sensation becomes intolerable. The ginger, skinned and often carved into the shape of a butt plug or suppository, causes an intense burning sensation and often intolerable discomfort to the subject. The effect builds up to the maximum within about the first two to five minutes and lasts for about half an hour before gradually easing.  A man will struggle and perspire heavy as the ginger takes effect.

If the person being figged tightens the muscles of the anus, the sensation becomes more intense.  This makes an excellent partner to spanking, paddling and strapping, as the male "clenches" internally against the "fig" as each slap, paddle or strap hits his buttocks.

Although not harmful, this is not a procedure a man enjoys and it does leave a lasting impression.  When my husband has angered me, I have strapped him face down to a whipping bench so he is totally immobile - arms, torso and legs.  His anus is massaged and a torpedo-shapped fig then goes into his rectum as a suppository.  I use a rubber butt plug to keep in in place.  We then begin 25 to 100 lashes with a razor strap across his buttocks - timed slowly. He is obedient afterwards.

A cold water enema is recommended after the figging process to cleanse/sooth the rectum.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

MOBT 017 Using The Enema On Your Man

Use of the enemas on the MOBT subservient in a marital relationship should begin for cleansing purposes, prior to prostate massage and strapon training.  At first the male will struggle and resist being administered an enema by a female because of the humiliation, shame and discomfort it brings to him.  Some females also find the enema distasteful.  However, done properly most issues can be avoided and both the woman and man will experience great erotic pleasure and satisfaction from the enema process.  The enema provides an incredible power exchange between man and woman.

The enema has become a powerful tool for controlling a man, extracting obedience, providing pleasure reward, inflicting punishment without corporal methods and marks, and most importantly a way to help a man achieve erection and maintain a strong, hard penis. Internal water pressure against the male prostate helps the impotent male achieve erection and the normal male achieve greatness. With experience, the male can retain an enema for 1-2 hours while demonstrating erection and cum control for his mistress.

The enema can be administered in the face-down lying, doggie and round-the-world positions. It can even be given standing or inverted in suspension for very erotic experience.  While the novice male should be given an enema in the bathroom to begin, it can be administered anywhere (including the bedroom) once your male is trained and you are confident in his retention capabilities. It is my preference to administer my man's enema on a bed on white sheets.  He knows if any water is leaked and shows, he will receive punishment during and after the enema process.  If necessary, an inflatable bardex nozzle can be used to seal the rectum and train effective water retention.

Administration of an enema in a slow, methodical fashion allows the mistress to have a meaningful conversation with her man, train him in rights and wrongs, and discuss expectation and performance with him.  Water can be added to the rectum periodically to ensure his attention and focus.  Of even more important use is the application of the enema in the bedroom during lovemaking.  In our marriage, we use a 4-quart water bag which is emptied into my man while we are passionately embraced side-by-side kissing.  The passion and excitement take a man's mind away from the discomfort of the enema and make him focus on making love with his femdom.  He feels a sense of dependence to her and control by her, as his helplessness increases with water added.

Enema application will depend on the MOBT couple - the temperature of the water, solutions added for intensity (e.g. gensing) or punishment (e.g. soap), the volume of water and the retention time.  We focus on water volume retention as my husband has developed a strong affinity to enemas and a compulsive need to prove he can retain up to an incredible 6 quarts of water for me.  We use what we call the "2-4-6 method" over 2 days.  After a normal breakfast and lunch, I administer a 2 quart cleansing enema to my man at 2 PM.  This is quick and designed to clear his system. At 4 PM, we begin a slow MOBT training process of loading 4 quarts of water into him slowly, while performing tease and denial on the penis.  When all water is in him, he may then use the bathroom.  Afterwards, he is not permitted any solid food for dinner.  Only tea and clear broth are eaten that evening and he then goes to bed.  In the morning, when his system is dryed out, I give him a suppository to remove any further water is his system overnight and have him urinate out his bladder. We then begin the second and most intense MOBT erection and excitement training process, as I slowly give him from 4 to 6 quarts of water.  He does not always reach the target goal of 6 quarts, but almost always goes at least 5 quarts using this process.  As you can see, the process has to be carefully thought out and administered for safety and erotic enjoyment.

I find the enema to be an effective tool for MOBT training and control of a man.

Monday, January 20, 2014

MOBT 016 Bladder Control

Bladder Control training is an intensive program of a woman teaching her man obedience through bathroom privileges - the permission, denial and manner of male urination.  It further gives a wife control over her husband's penis, teaches the man respect and self-control, and furthers the MOBT experience providing a strong erect penis. My husband and I have practiced a successful program for several years that includes urine retention development, controlled urination exercises and maternal potty training.  I find as a woman that this gives me a tremendous sense of female power and excitement watching my man struggle with his basic functions to obey and impress me.

Urine Retention Development training helps your man strengthen his bladder and develop his erection strength, while giving you an erotic feeling of control over him.  The male in a chastity device must normally sit to urinate.  He should be locked in his chastity cage overnight when sleeping.  When he wakes during the night or in the morning, you want to train him to always ask you for permission to go to the bathroom.  In most cases, you will tell him to urinate in standard locked and seated position.  But, there will be times you will tell him "No, I am going to bladder train you now" and you then tell him to lay on the bed face up.

When I train my husband, I ask him how bad he needs to go and he almost always tells me "badly". Sometimes, I have had him drink water or gave him an enema at night to prepare for the experience. We begin by removing his chastity device and stroking his penis.  He goes very hard and within a few minutes has forgotten his bladder pressure and need to urinate.  Every 15 minutes I stop his stroking and ask him if he wants me to continue his pleasuring, or go to the bathroom.  Over and over, he wants the pleasuring and has to pay a price for it - he must drink more water or take a small enema.  Then, I continue for another 15 minute interval.  Amazingly, he can go for 2 to 3 hours after waking up and thinking he must immediately urinate.  His cock is rock hard during this process caused by the water pressure and psychological element of female control and obedience.

Many variations of this are possible, such as sitting on his face to get his mind off his bladder pressure, as well as placing him in seated, standing and doggy positions.  One of my favorite tortures is to handcuff my man seated on the toilet with the seat down.  He is so close, but cannot use the toilet as he struggles with my training.

Training takes time and you need to know your man and his limits.  You must help him overcome fears of not being able to urinate right away and teach him the value of obedience in terms of the pleasuring it will bring him.  If your man continues to insist on relieving himself prematurely, drastic measures such as telling him he can do so, but "you must then drink your urine - all of it" or "you are in training and will have to be drained using a catheter, if you must go now".  These are drastic, but they work and give your man choices.

Controlled Urination training occurs when you finally do want your man to urinate, and can be used to compound the experience of urine retention.  Instead of allowing your man to urinate in a continuous stream until finished, instruct him to release urine in short spurts.  This teaches him great penis and bladder control.  It is not uncommon for a man to need 70 to 200 short releases to empty his bladder in a controlled urination process.  You can make him count the spurts out loud, or you can sit there and instruct him to start/stop each release.

Potty Training is almost maternal in nature.  In its simplest state, it is your man urinating (when you permit it) in front of you.  In a more advanced state, it is you taking your husband by the hand to the bathroom, pulling down his underwear, grabbing his penis and pointing its head into the toilet bowl, and ordering your man to urinate.  Incredibly, many men have difficulty urinating in front of their women and literally freeze up and say "I can't go".  There is a sense of shame and humiliation, maybe even weakness, being forced to urinate in front of your woman and femdom.  This needs to be overcome and will be over time using training and conditioning techniques.  With my husband, I gave him water to drink when he was unable to urinate.  If that didn't work, he was informed that we would wait another 15 minutes before being allowed to try again.  We used enemas too to force urination.  And there always is the strap, which is an effective punishment and encouragement to relieve a full bladder.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

MOBT 015 Pain and Pleasuring

Pain and Pleasuring is a technique used to train a malesub in proper and consistent pleasuring of his femdom orally.  When you call on your MOBT male, he should be able to service your pussy in an effective and sustained manner through one or multiple orgasmic releases for you - his femdom.

Pain and Pleasuring (P&P) requires the assistance of a third-party female who will serve as monitor and disciplinarian for the training process.  The femdom and owner of the MOBT male is the pleasuring recipient and plays a passive role in the P&P process.  This is one of the few times the femdom will be completely naked during training - usually on a bed with legs spread to receive the pleasure of cunnilingus.  The malesub, who is the pleasuring provider and pain recipient (if he does not perform), should be blindfolded with arms bound behind his back.  His face should be pushed down into his mistress' pussy, ready to commence servicing, with his buttocks exposed for punishment, if needed.  The disciplinarian will have the responsibility of monitoring the malesub's performance during the P&P, determining the adequacy of the pleasuring  to the femdom, and adjusting the malesub's performance through the infliction of pain. A very erotic process.

The usual pain method is the administration of a strapping (using a leather strap or belt) or whipping (using a single tail whip) to the bare exposed buttocks of the malesub, while giving him warning instructions and corrective actions to be taken.  In lieu of traditional corporal (and a variety to it), other methods include electrics to the testicles, administration of a high capacity punishment enema, needles in the buttocks, and use of a humbler where the balls are whipped with a crop to inflict pain.

The disciplinarian will start the pleasuring process, once all parties are in place, by instructing the malesub to "Begin".  The session should run no less than one hour and the goal is for the malesub to give his femdom as many orgasms as possible in the length of time.  Throughout the process, the disciplinarian will be using such word instructions to the malesub as "deeper", "faster", "stronger", "now","bring it","slower".  The malesub must obey or be whipped until he does.  The disciplinarian is completely objective in the process - responsible for ensuring the femdom is receiving the proper pleasuring experience and inflicting brutal pain if the malesub is not performing.  A few sharp straps or whips to the buttocks can brings incredible, immediate adjustment to a man and leaves a lasting impression on how he is to perform.

Two methods may be employed. Under the first, the femdom directs the disciplinarian (using vocal or hand signals) when she is displeased with her man, and the disciplinarian then punishes the malesub for the femdom. The second method is preferred, where the femdom turns over complete control and evaluation to the disciplinarian.  The latter requires a strong bond between the disciplinarian and femdom. The disciplinarian must know the femdom's pleasure and displeasure points.  This is usually best accomplished with a sister, cousin or close girlfriend, although use of a professional may also be beneficial for the experience.