Sunday, November 22, 2015

MOBT020 The Penetrator

The Penetrator for Strap-On is the outfit for entry into the malesub and beginning of total role-reversal in the female-male relationship.  Sight of the strap-on spouse in a marriage inflicts a sense of erotic submission in a male, as he knows he is about to be penetrated for the pleasure of his femdom in a reverse lover situation.

The focus of the Penetrator is the strap-on device with straps around the female torso and crotch, exposing the buttocks similar to a thong.  Combined with a black bustier this provides a strong woman in charge look in a female-led relationship.  The malesub should be taught to immediately assume the acceptance position, upon seeing his femdom in Penetrator attire.

MOBT019 The Punisher

The Punisher for Corporal is a severe look intended for severe punishment of your malesub for disobedience, disrespect, inability to follow orders and lack of self-control.  It is otherwise known as the "Woman With Whip" or "WWW" look.  Appearance of the femdom in this attire indicates the malesub will receive corporal punishment and be whipped in a severe setting.

The Punisher look should include harsh attire such as a leather corset, thong and boots, or latex equivalents, while still revealing much skin as possible on the shoulders, breasts, thighs and buttocks. The malesub needs to see his femdom in her exquisite beauty, and her harshness as a supremacist and punisher of males.  The Punisher should be used with the long bullwhip for severe lashing of the malesub in an outdoor setting or bondage training facility.

MOBT018 The Leatheress

The Leatheress for Obedience is the look of leather pants, bustier and whip intended for male training, discipline and corporal correction, as appropriate.  This look is intended to foster fear in your man and seriousness of the ongoing dominant role you play in your relationship with him.
The Leatheress should be used for non-nonsense infliction of pain on the malesub. Most effective when he is bound, it is important the man see you in a leather-skin that affirms your toughness, firmness and objectivity as you deliver blows to his manhood.  The Leatheress look should be accompanied with a black leather strap, crop or short whip, visible to the malesub before discipline.

MOBT017 The Intimist

The Intimist for Pleasuring employs the black bra and panties, or other dark lingerie, to entice the malesub into femdom body worship and oral service.  Visualization of the female crotch area excites the denied male - locked in chastity for extended periods - into a state of frenzy and desire.

The Intimist role and appearance creates a sense of femininity, yet domination, that fosters intense obedience, control and lovemaking.  It is imperative the malesub be trained on a regular basis in proper oral techniques.  The Intimist serves as the gateway to bringing a man deep into the female pleasure zones, once the panties are removed and the malesub's tongue and lips are allowed inside.

MOBT016 The Temptress

The Temptress for Arousal utilizes black pantyhose, the short skirt, crossed legs and upskirts to create temptation in the malesub and arouse his member for femdom tease-and-denial training.  Kneeling the malesub in front of his femdom and having him worship her legs places the male is a heated state, while he glimpses up her skirt and between her legs.

Use of the Temptress look works well before male erectile-strengthening training, controlled stroking and in advance of servicing of the pussy.  It is easy to stroke your man's hair and bring his head between your legs and into your personal areas using this approach.  The sight of long feminine legs is certain to stimulate a man as the femdom prepares to bring him under her control.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

MOBT015 The Equestrian

The Equestrian for Submission is the look of a riding mistress subjugating her malesub to raw animal training including pony-play, back-riding and cropping.  The key elements include tight spandex riding breeches or  jodhpurs, riding boots and a riding crop or switch.  Sometimes, actual spurs may be used that can push into the sides of the malesub to immediately secure obedience.

The riding pants erotically display the feminine derriere - usually worn with a minimal thong or nothing underneath.  When riding a male, he feels the warmth of his femdom on his back.  The breeches are also excellent for male facesitting in a next-to-skin state. A tight riding blouse may be used, but the Equestrian look is most effective when the femdom is bare-chested fully exposing her breasts and nipples to her malesub above her tight riding pants.

MOBT014 The Authoritarian

The Authoritarian for Correction is the look that should be used with your man in periods of necessary infliction of pain for violations involving his disrespect, failure to follow orders or lack of self-control.  It is a no-nonsense appearance used to make your man know you are capable of and will hurt him for any and all disobedience in the marital relationship.

Authoritarian image requires a fully-clothed female in tight clothing, including a long-sleeve blouse, tight skirt and heels or boots, and carrying an instrument of pain.  Little skin is exposed, but the malesub sees the curvature of his femdom's breasts and buttocks in an outfit that stimulates the imagination, while instilling fear of correction.  Very effective for caning a man, it brings memories of an early teacher punishing him for a wrong-doing in his childhood.

MOBT013 The Disciplinarian

The Disciplinarian for Maintenance Control of the malesub is used for routine infliction of discipline to a man on a regular basis.  This establishes the relationship between woman and man. The male must understand he will be disciplined routinely or he will stray.  He recognizes and accepts the fact that his Disciplinarian will administer ongoing discipline to him.

The blouse, short skirt and hosiery are effective for use in a seated position for having the malesub kneel in front of you as his femdom.  While maintaining a professional clothed look, the Disciplinarian arouses the naked malesub and makes him want to accept spankings, strappings, paddlings and canings in a routine weekly schedule of discipline.  This works well for training and maintaining your malesub in the "over-the-knee" discipline position desired by many men.

MOBT012 The Dominatrix

The Dominatrix for Malesub Training is the appropriate attire for general MOBT of your submissive man. Leather and latex in black, including the corset, boots and gloves, are used to transform the female into a strict, controlling agent for teaching obedience.

Visualization of the Dominatrix image creates an immediate understanding for the malesub that he is about to be trained, taught endurance and self-control, and expected to perform   The male is aroused by the power of the female in Dominatrix mode, commanding his respect and submission.

Friday, November 20, 2015

MOBT011 The Femdom

The Femdom for Establishing Supremacy is the image that the female in charge wants to project to her malesub.  When training your male, with only a few exceptions, the female should be dressed in black erotic power attire while her man is in naked state.  This exposes your beauty while hiding your assets to an aroused and vulnerable man.  It establishes your control over him.

The black bustier is combined with black panties or thong to reinforce your power.  Black nylons or pantyhose may be added to the legs, or they may go long and natural, in black heels to establish your supremacy over your husband or other malesub.  This attire is most effective when beginning MOBT and enforcing your malesub to kneel in front of you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MOBT010 Strap-On

Strap-On Training is the most intense component of MOBT and the culmination of male development into the man desired in a female-led relationship - submissive, vulnerable, compliant and obedient to her wishes.  The use of the Strap-On reverses the power in the relationship, giving the femdom the control, power and sometimes sadistic pleasure she craves.  This creates an intense satisfaction in the femdom and an intense release for her during the training of her man.  The thought of penetrating the male, while he is chastised and and no longer allowed sexual penetration himself, reverses centuries of norms and creates a whole new relationship between woman and man. Strap-On Training in marriage releases aggressions and intensifies intimacy.

Positioning Your Man for Strap-On depends on the femdom's sexual desires, but always should put the malesub into a highly submissive state.  The femdom may be full-clothed, or otherwise, when she trains her man, depending on whether the strap-on base is on top of her clothing, or inside her.  The malesub should always be stripped full-naked during strap-on preparation.  While Strap-On acceptance will be difficult for a man at first, with time he will come to accept and welcome the control and security imposed by his femdom.  MOBT relationships often involve use of the Strap-On two to three times a week minimum, when and as the femdom orders.  Best positions for training include Doggy-Style, Rear-Entry, Round-The-World and Amazon with the femdom always in charge.