Sunday, February 7, 2016


This month is focused on CBT or Cock & Ball Training which further asserts female dominance over a man in an MOBT relationship.  CBT is intended to inflict control and may inflict discomfort to the malesub's penis and testicles for training and disciplinary purposes. CBT may be as simple as squeezing your man, or may incorporate a variety of cock-n-ball training tools.
CBT is effective for removing libido problems often encountered in long-term chastity denial training of a man.  CBT teaches the value of controlling one's excitement levels through threat of punishing the male genitalia package.  Over-sensitivity and unwanted emissions problems can be trained away through CBT discomfort, preventing accidental male ejaculatory release.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

MOBT040 Outdoor Restraint

Outdoor Restraint offers a serious outlet for punishment and obedience training of the malesub.  With the male secured in wooded area or backyard environment, bullwhippings may be used to provide a powerful deterrent to negative male behaviors.
Outdoor restraint is also used by femdoms for training erections, ejaculation control and the strapon.  The experience is heightened by use of blindfold and ball gag, while the femdom arouses, strokes and penetrates the malesub outdoors. 

MOBT039 Inversion

Inversion works effectively for training the overexcited submissive who needs assistance curbing his libido for extended chastity denial.  The inverted position releases the male tensions while allowing a man to think in a state of complete helplessness and a world that is upside-down.

Continence training and genital discipline may be applied in this exposed state. Inversion requires use of a mechanical or electric hoist , and secure cuffs or a spreader bar, strong enough to provide safe support. Caution must be exercised with inversion as to length of time inverted.  Sophisticated training installations utilize rotating crosses or wheels that enable a man to be inverted and quickly returned to normal state without the need to dismount.

MOBT038 Suspension

Suspension utilizes wrist and ankle cuffs to lift the malesub off the ground in a variety of positions.  The suspended malesub experiences a feeling of weightlessness and floating, while realizing how helpless he is and that the femdom is in control of him.

Suspension may be as simple as being hung off the ground using rope, or may use hoists to provide lift and elevation.  In all instances, care and monitoring must be exercised to determine the length of time a malesub can be suspended safely.  Suspension facilitates male erectile management, cock-and-ball punishment and whippings of the buttocks.

Monday, January 25, 2016

MOBT037 Sling

The Sling elevates the malesub off the ground in a cradle position to float for MOBT.  The man may be positioned at various levels, depending on the training the femdom intends to carry out.

The usual use of the Sling is for strap-on training, as the malesub can be easily adjusted to the femdom's waist level.  This enables the malesub to freely swing and be penetrated, while experiencing a sense of helplessness and obedience.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MOBT036 Cockstock

Cockstock is an innovative and stern disciplinary device, which binds the male penis and genitals tightly and positions them for punishment by the femdom. The malesub's arms and legs are bound while the genitals are completely immobilized for corrective treatment.  This s a punishment device for the chronic masturbator and overexcited male who likes to touch himself.

Once the male's penis has been positioned, the femdom uses a short whip or riding crop to whip the malesub's penis and testicles.  The male should be sufficiently prepped by making the penis as hard as possible in advance.  As this is a serious tool for corrective pain administration, caution and control should always be exercised when punishing the malesub's restrained genitals.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

MOBT035 Stock

The Stock is a restraint device, usually wooden, that locks your malesub's head and wrists in a standing, bent over position. The device presents the malesub's buttocks for whipping, caning, cropping or paddling, and allows him nowhere to go.

The Stock is an ancient tool for delivering punishment.  However, it may serve other purposes as well. You may wish to imprison your malesub for contemplation and reflection on his behaviors, or use the Stock to continence train your man with easy access to the genitals from the rear.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

MOBT034 Cross

The Cross or X-Frame immobilizes a man with his arms and legs spread for punishment and training. The wrists and ankles are cuffed and connected to rings on the frame using horse hooks.  Usually a belt is used to secure the male torso to the frame and further immobilize him.  When the male is secured facing a wall with buttocks exposed, the Cross serves well for male whipping or bullwhipping type punishments.
In the forward-facing position, the Cross is used for male erection and continence training purposes, teaching him obedience to femdom commands and endurance.  The Cross places the malesub in an excellent position for demonstrating erectile performance and is sometimes used at female parties or occasions, where the malesub may actually be placed on display for showing his ability to sustain an erection.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

MOBT033 Horse

The Horse allows the submissive to be fully bent over and buttocks uplifted for discipline or more serious punishment.  It works particularly well with your man, if you choose to use a crop or cane, or to paddle him..Use of male figging in this position will accentuate his experience.  With the wrists and ankles immobilized, he is placed in a head-down position to receive your strokes, clench and contemplate any errors he has made.

The horse may also be straddled by the malesub and ridden similar to a real horse. "Riding the horse" or "riding the wooden pony" is a separate topic of male endurance training and correction that will be discussed at a later date.  Use of the cat-o-nine tails whip in the straddled horse position also works particularly well for male training.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MOBT032 Bench

The Training Bench is an inline table or kneeler-type horse used to secure the malesub for obedience training, endurance development, stimulation and punishment.  The bench secures a man's wrist, ankles and torso using straps and cuffs.  Ideally, it presents the male buttocks and genitals for femdom access and use for her pleasure and satisfaction.

The training bench may also be used for male strapon training where the sub is immobilized for femdom penetration. For introducing a new malesub to the strapon, the bench provides the stabilization and security necessary for the femdom to complete the training process.